Many centuries ago, a dark and sinister secret lay buried deep beneath the earth. Recently, while a pool was being dug in Tustin, a series of tunnels, dungeons and an elevator shaft were uncovered. Also found was the crown worn by a noble, a heartbroken widow named Queen Guinevere.

Queen Guinevere was overtaken with grief after her king never returned from the battlefield. As days became months, and months became years, restless villainy quickly spread throughout her kingdom. The angry Queen Guinevere ordered her peasants to build an elevator shaft to lower the villainous guilty to the underground dungeon. Countless criminals and beasts were lowered down to the cold, dark, damp dungeon never to be seen again.

As time went on the Queen became deaf to the screams and wails of the tortured that echoed throughout the castle. Forever haunted by the souls of the entombed, Queen Guinevere descended further into a state of madness. Anybody who questioned the Queen’s actions, was swiftly sent to the dungeon, or drowned in the murky swamp.

The people of the land became heartbroken as their loved ones were ripped from their homes and thrown into the darkness of the dungeon. The peasants rebelled against the Queen and with pitchforks in hand, they captured her. The Queen was hurled down into her own dungeon, never to be seen again.

To this very day, it is said that you can still hear sounds of the tortured coming from the dungeon beneath the earth and dragons can still be seen around the castle guarding the Queen’s restless soul. So, beware of your journey through The Gershon Dungeon, for Queen Guinevere and the undead await you.