The Gershon Dungeon is on a small plot of earth in Tustin, CA. It is said that every year around Halloween spirits and ghosts can be heard coming from the dungeon beneath the earth. According to the legend, a cruel woman named Guinivere Holt inhabited the land in the 17th century when it was an orange grove plantation. Since then, numerous buildings have been constructed on the property over the years, and all but the current one have been destroyed in unexplainable ways.

Guinivere had many slaves on her plantation. When any of these slaves were incapable of working, Guinivere would punish them by torturing the slaves in the dungeon below. Many a slave lost their life in that cruel dark dungeon.

Over the centuries, strange sights and sounds have always occurred near this spot. But it was not until 1991 that the demonic evil was unleashed. While a pool was being dug two men unknowingly caved in what was once intended to be the eternal grave of Guinivere and her many victims. One of the workers, Brett DeBall, died suddenly while digging that day. The cause of death was never determined, but one very unusual thing was noted by a team of doctors, it seems that they were unable to close his eyes after they pronounced him dead. They believed he had simply been frightened to death.

The other man, Skip DeArmond, was admitted to a hospital. The doctors could do nothing to save him for it appeared that he had huge doses of spider venom running through his veins. It is rumored that at the time of his funeral, his body was going through some metamorphic change.

It has been said that if you take the elevator down to the Gershon Dungeon, you can actually hear the distant voices calling out and see their spirits in the darkness locked in their cells. The legend states that ever since that fateful day in 1991, the restless souls of the undead have roamed the corridors of the dungeon below and the earth above searching for unsuspecting mortals to add to their legion.

So beware on your journey through the Gershon Dungeon, for Guinivere and the undead await you.